Prayer & Meditation

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Prayer & Meditation

Visio Divina

Visio Divina is a New Creation art gallery that invites us to explore the dynamic unity of God, cosmos, and humanity through the contemplative engagement of images. Visio Divina, or “divine seeing,” shares a history with the ancient practice of lectio divina, through which religious scripture was read through the heart as well as through the mind.

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The Australian Benedictine Nuns

The Australian Benedictine Nuns provide reflections and insights into how best to relate with God – various prayer methods, especially Lectio Divina, and retreat opportunities.

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Contemplative Outreach

Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational community.

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Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a receptive method of silent prayer in which we experience God's presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself. This method of prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.

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Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina literally meaning “divine reading,” is an ancient practice of praying the Scriptures. During Lectio Divina, the practitioner listens to the text of the Bible with the “ear of the heart,” as if he or she is in conversation with God, and God is suggesting the topics for discussion.

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The Welcoming Prayer

The Welcoming Prayer is a method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. The purpose of the Welcoming Prayer is to deepen our relationship with God through consenting in the ordinary activities of our day — “consent-on-the-go.”

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The Active Prayer

The Active Prayer is an aspiration drawn from Scripture for us in daily life, it is short, usually six to twelve syllables. The saying of the syllables is synchronized with one’s heartbeat. While some people like to use a variety of aspirations for this purpose, it is easier to work a single aspiration into the subconscious. The great advantage of this practice is that it eventually becomes a “tape” similar to the “tapes” that accompany one’s upsetting emotions. When this occurs, he aspiration has the remarkable effect of erasing the old tapes, thus providing a neutral zone in which common sense or the Spirit of God can suggest what should be done.

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The World Community for Christian Meditation

The World Community for Christian Meditation's mission statement of the World Community is part of the WCCM Constitution accepted by all national communities: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all.

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The School of Meditation

The School of Meditation is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation, a global and inclusive contemplative community made up of thousands of weekly groups in more than 100 countries. A wealth of programs and resources have been developed to initiate, support and guide people on their journey.

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Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer is a free daily prayer service, providing by the Australian Jesuits with reflections on the day’s Gospel readings, as well as, other articles exploring people’s experiences of God.

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Pray as you Go

Pray as you Go is a daily prayer session based on Ignatian Spirituality, designed to go with you wherever you go, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly whilst travelling to and from work, study. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection.

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Daily Meditations

Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox Creation Spirituality is about recovering nature and all of creation as sacred again.

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Cover of Jambaroo Abbey

Jambaroo Abbey

Jambaroo Abbey offers a place where people can find this peace through silence, nature, open spaces and prayer.

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Cover of The Hermitage

The Hermitage

The Hermitage provides an opportunity for participants to experience input, reflection time, journaling, different styles of prayer (including Eucharist), and the opportunity to meet with a Spiritual Director.

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Cover of St Clements

St Clements

St Clements, set in more than 300 hectares of rural land, the centre’s peaceful location is conducive to reflection, prayer and study, and provides an ideal setting for conferences, workshops, seminars and religious retreats. It has a peaceful ambience that will meet the needs of both individuals and groups.

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Cover of Hartzer Park

Hartzer Park

Hartzer Park is a retreat and conference centre owned and managed by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart as a place of rest and a centre for human and spiritual development where each guest is made to feel at home in the quiet and tranquil surroundings.

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Cover of Mount Carmel Retreat Centre

Mount Carmel Retreat Centre

Mount Carmel Retreat Centre is a professional, contemporary conference & retreat centre. Set in the scenic hills of the Macarthur region, Mt Carmel caters to a wide range of groups including School, Church, Corporate and Special Interest groups.

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Cover of St Mary’s Towers

St Mary’s Towers

St Mary’s Towers – set on 500 hectares od bushland, St Mary’s Towers is home to a way of life. In keeping with the charism of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, it is steeped in a spirituality of the heart. This creates a beautiful peaceful environment with a supportive and praying community for anyone seeking to relax and enjoy communion with God.

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Cover of Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre

Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre

Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre is part of a worldwide movement: The Triratna Buddhist Community. Triratna draws on the entire Buddhist tradition and expresses itself in a fresh and dynamic way. Offering courses in Buddhism and meditation in a friendly, supportive environment. Their meditation techniques can be used by anyone regardless of religious beliefs.

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Cover of Govinda Valley Retreat

Govinda Valley Retreat

Govinda Valley Retreat is a not-for-profit, volunteer based retreat centre located at the foot of the Royal National Park providing the service and facilities for groups to host their own unique retreats, while immersing themselves in the spectacular natural surroundings. They are a yogic community aspiring to live a simple, clean and spiritually fulfilled lifestyle, role modelling a practical balance between material and spiritual life.

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Cover of Benedict XVI Retreat

Benedict XVI Retreat

Benedict XVI Retreat a wonderful initiative of the Archdiocese of Sydney and Sydney Catholic Schools. The Centre is a place of incredible beauty and tranquillity, a magnificent rural escape The Centre provides the Archdiocese of Sydney, its parishes, agencies, communities, movements, schools, the clergy and other groups a dedicated space for retreats and conferences. The Centre is not limited to Catholic participants, all are invited to use the venue.

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Cover of Mt Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre at Mulgoa

Mt Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre at Mulgoa

Mt Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre at Mulgoa is just over an hour west of Sydney and is set on 50 acres of bushland and open fields. It is the Schoenstatt Shrine that pilgrims from diverse faith groups come to find to peace and tranquillity in their busy world. The centre also offers catered and self catered accommodation options along with modern conference facilities. Mount Schoenstatt is an ideal place for group retreats, reflection days, seminars and conferences.

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