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Abraham Conference 2021

10 October 2021

The conference theme this year was Women Leaders in the Abrahamic Traditions: Role Models of our time. Spirit Weavers was mentioned by the speaker, Dr Michele Connolly as an example of modern day inspiring women.
You can watch the proceedings on YouTube

Plenary Council

3-10 October 2021

The first General Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia was held on 3-10 October 2021. You can catch up on proceedings and documents from Assembly 1 and preparations for Assembly 2 in July 2022 online.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to grow in noticing and responding to God’s presence in your daily life with the support of a spiritual director

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction encourages you to explore a closer relationship with God. In the midst of a busy life, many people find it difficult to notice God’s action in their daily life. Yet, at the deepest level, all of us long for a more conscious experience on God’s presence and love.

Why spiritual direction?

You might want to come to spiritual direction for a variety of reason, including:

How does it work?

You usually meet with your spiritual director for an hour once a month at a designated location. The spiritual director journeys with you as you deepen your relationship with God and this journey takes place in a confidential one-to-one session. You are asked to contributed with a designated fee or a free-will donation.

Who are spiritual directors?

Spiritual directors have extensive training as well as on-going formation and supervision and they meet regularly with a spiritual director. ANSD Riverina is a member group of the Australian Network of Spiritual Directors (ANSD). This network is recognised and supported by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction (AECSD).


Theresa Foley, rsm Griffith

Sister Theresa Foley is a Sister of Mercy (R.S.M.). who lives in Griffith, NSW. Theresa graduated as a Spiritual Director in 2000 from Nth Sydney trained by the sisters of St Joseph. Theresa is currently doing volunteer ministry in the Parish of Griffith facilitating prayer & scripture groups & Spiritual Direction. Formerly nursed in Mercy Hospitals in the country & missions overseas.

Email or call 0429 661 401

Anne Friedlieb Wagga Wagga

As a mature aged student, I completed a Bachelor of Arts, BA, majoring in Literature & Theology, followed by a Graduate diploma in Spiritual Direction through the Australian Catholic University, Canberra. Earlier I had trained as a prayer companion, with Sr Margaret Walsh, pbvm, participating in programs based on praying with scripture. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I offer spiritual direction in person, or via Facetime.

Email or call 0413 083 890

Margaret Walsh, pbvm Wagga Wagga

After finishing my formation in spirituality and spiritual direction in London in 1998, I began offering Spiritual Direction in Wagga Wagga and in the region as well as interstate. I have completed courses in the Enneagram, Focusing and Dream exploration. Spiritual Direction is available in person or on Zoom and Facetime.

Email or call 0429 171 400

Liz Rothe, rsm Corowa

I am a Sister of Mercy, with a passion for exploring the meaning of life and relationships. For many years I have ‘walked with others’ as they too have pondered their daily lives and deepened their awareness of ‘God with them’. In 2017 I graduated the Soul Journey Companions Programme in Canberra a three-year part time, program in spiritual direction which consisted of units in Working with Dreams; Grief; Using several tools to assist with Meditation and Contemplation.

Email or call 0400 404 289

Jane Plum Wagga Wagga

Jane Plum achieved her Master of Arts: Theology majoring in Spiritual Direction through the Australian Catholic University in 2012. She has both received and offered spiritual accompaniment on a regular basis since. Jane acknowledges the innate dignity of those she accompanies as they notice the presence and action of the Spirit that offers a way of experiencing life in its fullness. She is a member of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction, follows the code of ethics of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction and engages in regular supervision. In seeking life in abundance, Jane believes that each person’s flourishing is dependent on the flourishing of others..

Email or call 0400 445 605

Barbara Geale Wagga Wagga

Widow with 2 grown up boys. Trained for 4 years as a Spiritual Director at the Catholic University Canberra with Dr Kerrie Hide, and have been practicing for over 15years.

Email or call 0429 980 652

Ann Murphy Young

I have a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction through the Australian Catholic University Canberra and am a member of Australian Network for Spiritual Direction Riverina. Previously I trained as a Prayer Companion with Sr Margaret Walsh PBVM. I am a widow, mother and grandmother and reside in Young in the Hilltops Region of NSW. Spiritual Direction is available in person or via Facetime.

Email or call 0414 909 775

Breath of Life

Breath of Life Ministry of the Presentation Congregation of Wagga Wagga. Breath of Life offers spiritual renewal and nourishment for those on the journey of faith both as individuals and groups.

What is Breath of Life Ministry

The Breath of Life Ministry grew out of the Weeks of Guided Prayer that Sr Margaret Walsh pbvm introduced into the Diocese of Wagga Wagga in 1999. In 2002, Bishop Gerard Hanna endorsed the programme of Weeks of Guided Prayer and employed Sr Margaret Walsh pbvm to work part-time in this ministry throughout the Diocese of Wagga Wagga. Later the programme became to be known as the Breath of Life Ministry. In 2021 the Breath of Life became a ministry of the Presentation Congregation, Wagga Wagga

Breath of Life offers…


Sr Margaret Walsh pbvm
Wagga Wagga

13 Marns St,
Wagga Wagga 2650

Email or call 0429 171 400